Monday, June 4, 2012

Time to Dig the good Camera out.......External Paint

Seeing we moved everything was packed up. But seriously the phone isn't doing the house justice so this weekend I'll be taking the SLR over to the house to take a couple of shots. Good thing is Ben from Kurmond Homes is still sending me happy snaps (They make me happy) each week and his camera is a lot better then mine. But still going to get some really good shots this weekend if possible.

Here's the photo he sent me.

On Saturday we went out to the house and I was gob smacked by the progress. Not only were the eaves painted but the top floor of the front of the house has also been painted. We went with a Maroka finish just because we know later we can always look at rendering if we're not 100% happy with the result, that and we thought not to render as it may have added some extra cost that we knew we could look at doing later and there were other things to consider. So far Peta loves the colours so very happy at the moment. The only problem is the camera does it no justice. Saying that the lighter of the colours doesn't look exactly as I remembered but Peta really likes it so will probably leave it. When the wife is happy, you just leave it at that, heck the colour probably looks a bit better then I remember it so why not.

One thing I can recommend is defiantly consider painting your eaves another colour other then white. Coloured eaves are so warm and when the various lights hit the eaves it can make the house look magic. It's amazing what a difference coloured paint can make to eaves. We went with the ringtail possum for the eaves and I love it. I can imagine the downlights hitting the eaves and wall and really looking ace at night.

So I got a big surprise and I'm now not sure what to expect this week. The last update last week I got was saying that this stuff would take the next 2 weeks or so, and Kurmond homes have managed to get it done in a less then a week while maintaining the quality. Obviously still plenty to go but it's coming along great. I think the paint was the first coat too so some minor patchiness probably needs a second coat to finalise.

Here's a few pics I took, the bricks look awesome, but sadly the camera on the phone wasn't great so excuse the colours and quality.

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