Friday, June 15, 2012

AC and Electrical Done

Good news, the Alfresco roof is on and all the AC and electrical is completed. Sentinel Alarm's have also come through the place and put in all the data points and home theater wiring so happy days ahead. I plan to do a quick blank wall walk through early next week with Ben and then they'll start the gyp-rock. He's told me in about 2 weeks we should be at lockup stage so everything is on track. Here's some photo's I took late yesterday with my phone.

I had to meet both the AC guys and electricians out on site to make some minor changes. One thing you learn quickly is that beams have a mind of their own and end up in the way. So expect to move ducts and power outlets as well as down lights if a beam is in the way. It was all pretty straight forward, we came up with some good results and the guys will give their advise in what works best.

This is the wrong way, but the tubing is to run power etc to the TV hung on the wall.


  1. Hi Luke.

    Just catching up on your blog... good stuff so far.

    Just asking how did u go with getting your own data points installed?

    1. I just had Sentinal Alarms put them in. I plan to add some more after I move in. I can do it myself, otherwise I'll call Sentinal alarms back out or someone like the HIX group to do it.