Friday, June 29, 2012

Gyprock done, cornices to come.

Lot's of photo's today, the gyprock is in and I'm stoked, the cornices were also delivered today so they'll probably have them installed next week. The staircase guys should be in next week and then at least Peta will be able to take a look upstairs as carrying a baby and climbing ladders isn't a good mix.

This is the walk in Pantry.

From the Alfresco looking in.

Upstairs lounge room looking into balcony.

Left is the walk ins, right is my ensuite.

Computer nook thingo there.

Bathroom Niche.

Upstairs Hallway

Toilet straight ahead, bathroom to the left and huge cupboard to the right.

Garage roof is on, looks sweet.

Garage is coming along nice. Need to put a little door in here for under the stairs.

View from the porch, notice the two bulk heads.
I love this door!!


Lounge room.

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  1. Congratulations! Your home's almost done! I can imagine how the interiors will look like. Hmm.. Would you go for contemporary design which uses neutral colors and minimal furniture and decors or Mediterranean, which uses cool colors, that resembles that of nature? It would soothe your senses! Whatever your choice, I bet this home would definitely be superb. I love the colors of the garage roof and the brick-looking foundation.

    Richard Boles