Thursday, January 27, 2011

All ok - Kurmond Homes It Is

Bank has come back and we're all good to move on with our home. We've decided for the Strand 40 by Kurmond Homes. We will be customising things a bit inside to suit us so it's not exactly the same. The front lounge room will become my much needed Man Cave for example.

As for Facade we're thinking of mixing the traditional and ultra-modern together to make the facade we want. We like the sqaure garage rather then that little roof bit to the side, also the porch roof we like sqaure also to make it feel more modern. Saying that Peta doesn't mind the angled roof of the Kent ultra modern. What do you like?


Traditional Facade

Ultra Modern Facade

Ultra Modern - Kent

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kurmond Homes

So over the X'mas break we got in our car and as we do often go and look at some of the houses being built in the area. We noticed a lot of homes from builders we haven't heard of before, and while we were driving around we noticed that there were a large number of homes by a company called Kurmond Homes. After I got home I decided to look them up on the Internet. Their designs look pretty good, and they say on their website that they're pretty flexible with their designs. So I emailed them asking for a price list on Boxing day.

The very next morning I had an email back with the price list. One noticeable thing straight away is that I got an email from the director of the company. The company being owned by two brothers from Windsor, already a good start knowing your talking directly to the owners of the business so you know your going to get some good attention. There both builders themselves so I think it's good you're going to have the owners working on your home.

Their price list looks good, I've attached it below but as you can see much cheaper compared to the big builders and a lot of standard inclusions. Also while driving around looking at their homes they look to be much better built then some of the big companies we've seen, on par with Zac homes. They also tell you upfront what the extras are going to be. They also wrote back to me and said they have 3 in house designers to come up with your own plan. Not happy with their designs they will work with you for free to come up with something you want. I've emailed them back to work out a time to discuss what we're after, Kurmond homes so far are looking good, just might have to cancel my appointment with Zac homes now. By all means I think Zac homes look great, but if Kurmonds builds look just as polished and can do it cheaper then I'll be going with them for sure.