Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Colours and Contracts

We've finished and signed off on our external colours basically. I've attached our colour board for those interested but they're pretty much the colours we stated before.

Our Colour Board

As for contracts I went in to see Peter at Kurmond Homes last weeks and had my contracts and other paperwork fixed up due to a mistake with someone there sending me old documents. This was all fixed up in 5 minutes so I was glad to go in and just get it sorted. If you're having troubles, just head in there and get it fixed, he didn't mind at all.

I've now sent the fixed contracts off to our solicitor for comment and review. We're using Joe Grassi and Associates in Penrith as this guy is very well known for being an expert in property and building law. While I've noticed a few issues since reading the contracts he will be sure to pick up even more. Here are some notes I asked about.

  •  Excess Sand, gravel or Soil removal
  • Any insurances or bonds (like what happens if they crack a footpath??) And the length of those insurances if the build takes longer. As in I don’t want to keep paying for anything like that over time. Are these included in this terminology?
  •  Refund of any insurance bonds that aren't used.
  • Ensure all warranties, instruction manuals, serial numbers for all products installed in the house are provided by the builder.
  •  I’m concerned about rain days, I think if there’s a roof on and they’re working inside the house rain days should be looked at? I live around the corner so I’ll know. I think it should state only can be claimed before roof is put on.
  • Should the contract state the warranty for the actual house?
  • The contract of sale states no gas connection but the tender does.
We also have an appointment with the bank on Wednesday to start the ball rolling with the construction loan, as some of you know we lost a huge chunk of our building deposit due to our land being re valued at settlement. We now we have to see how the bank plays with that one.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Waiting, so here's a Jordan Springs Penrith Update

I'm a big fan of keeping track of things and seeing how my new suburb is going to evolve. I've been watching closely the DA's at Penrith Council on the plans being submitted to council from Delfin. I must admit, it's looking like I've made a good purchase. Take a look at some of the screens below from DA applications. You'll get a feel for the future of Jordan springs and why it's going to be such a lovely place to live. Interesting that stage 2, that's the next part to be developed will be down a nice long road through the corridor of trees. Some good buys I think. I feel lucky, I'm nice and close to everything, I guess that's the benefit of buying in stage 1.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Colours 2

I got some sample pots thanks to the advice from De Novo Concepts and as you can see in the photo below they look a little grey, light in the photo, surprisingly though in real life they look a lot better, I think that's been half my problem. Looking at colours on a computer screen really doesn't help. The two colours below are exactly the same as found on the below photo.In real,life they look a lot nicer. I ended up getting the Bristol ringtail Possum in a taubmans paint from Bunnings. They told me to give the builder the code, not sure what I give them as it says.

Formula: Ringtail Possum- B133
Library: Taubmans_W.LIB
Range: Bristol 2024
Base/Can: Accent / .25 Litre
B             0Y           2N                          C                             0Y           19N        0.25
I               0Y           3N          0.75        

I've played around with my photoshop file to try and match it a bit better. Does this look any better? Do you think I have the colours in the right spot? I also made the metal above the door the same as the garage wall.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Playing with Colours

Thought I'd play around on Photoshop this morning, what do you think of the below. Considering I'm doing my best to make it look like the colours we selected. I plan to send this to the girl at Kurmond.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ok, we're coluorblind!

So we've had some issues with colours, the first time we went in we walked out with some views the colours looked to light for us but we weren't sure. We decided to research and found that to be the case, the browns we looked at looked ok but in reality when painted on we might as well said we were after a white and grey house. These colours look ok, but it's not really our tatse and w're after something warmer which compliments the nice green surroundings. My wife and I are after some nice browns. 

We have the below at this stage, what do you think? We're still umming and ahhing. The Taubmans Chocolate bay was suggested by Kurmond as I was after a Bristol Colour from the two example house below. I'm thinking I should just go get some bristol paint made up and then get them to tell me the code in Taubmans. We were orignally after Bristols ringtail Possum which is seen on the two eden brea homes below.

- Bricks - PGH Chocolatto, off white Mortar
- Roof - Ebony in tiled contour
- Window Frame – Custom Black Matt.
- Fascia – Monument 
- Downpipes and Watertank – Monument
- Garage Door: Paperbark (Looking at cost to change to wood)
- Moroka Colour 1 – Taubmans Greenstead (T112-8A)
- Moroka Colour 2 (Arch) – Taubmans Chocolate Bay (T118-7)
- Cladding – Taubmans Chocolate Bay (T118-7) hmmmm.....not sure on this.
- Eaves - not sure? 

- Porch Louvers: Silver (not painted)
- Driveway - Charcoal
- Front door - Taubmans Jarah

Here's a pic of the greenstead on another Homeone members house. Our finish will be Moroka though.

As for the Chocalate Bay this is the best I can find.

Moroka Colour 1 is for around the garage and the right side of the house (we upgraded to Moroka).
Moroka Colour 2 is for the doorway.

Should we change that? 

Here's our plan again, thoughts?

Inspiration came from these two Eden Brea Homes, obviously we want black window frames.