Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Plans Updated - More to come...

See attached the latest plans. So far Kurmond have been really good with making the changes, they have forgotten a few things each time I've sent them my long list of details but they have turned the changes around very quickly, sometimes within hours.

I'm really impressed with the latest plan and I'm really happy with the design now, here are some changes that have been made in case you didn't notice.

  • Changed alfresco single sliding doors to cornerless stacker. This cost us a fair whack to change as we need a metal support beam, but we decided it was something we couldn't fix later.
  • Changed the front door to be taller and wider at 1200 wide. Allows us to bring things in easier.
  • Change all door heights to 2340 on the bottom floor, bulkheads and window head height to 2400. We did this as we had 9" ceilings.
  • Moved the gas points around. The one in the family room moved to the middle so perhaps later we can put one of those fireplace things in. Alfresco moved next to tap (east side), BBQ will probably go this side.
  • Changed window heights and lengths.
Still a  few things to get fixed though but we're not far off.
  • Need a manhole upstairs.
  • AC ducts need to be shown upstairs
  • Need clarification on Facade material
  • Rainwater tank, missing? Plus slab for tank.
  • Gas points not shown on slab plan.
We sent this off yesterday so hopefully should get an update today or tomorrow. Our next plan is to go in and speak with Kurmond about Electrical, carpet and tiles etc and sort out all the extras. This way we can work out whether we will be in trouble or not. I'm sure there's some surprises we don't know about yet.