Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Frame Inspection Tomorrow + Renting the old place

So before any gyprock can go on the frames need to be inspected to ensure everything is safe and sound. Tomorrow the frame inspectors are coming out to inspect so the internal works can get underway. Very happy.

Ben called on Friday and the plan for this week is to get the frame inspection done, finish the eave carpentry and alfresco roof. The archway roof was started today so that's a good sign too. Then hopefully by the end of the week the electrician and gyprockers come in, possibly the week after seeing it's a short week.

On another note we've also completed all the works on our old house and it's on the market to rent. It's taken about 7 Saturdays to complete and a long weekend. Hard work but the house looks a million dollars. It's amazing what we do for others too. We went and installed air conditioning and we never even had this ourselves. Oh well it will be worth it in the long run.

Here's a link to the advert and some pictures. Please pass onto anyone who might be interested, the house is a fantastic home. We had about 5 families through it today and there's another open house tomorrow and possibly Saturday (The tip would be to go to tomorrows just in case)


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