Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scaffolding Gone, Cladding Up

So the guys at Kurmond Homes seem to work rain, hail or shine once a roof is on. I got this photo yesterday from Ben my building supervisor and yesterday wasn't exactly a fantastic day in any books. It was windy, cold and wet. While we did have some dry parts of the day it was cold and wet for most of it so wasn't expecting another update so soon. I defiantly wasn't expecting to see all the scaffold removed.

The top half of the house has been done and the gutter pipes are now on, the scaffolding has all been removed and now the cladding on the front of the house is even on. It's not painted yet but it's good to see up. The shadow in the photo makes it look like it's flat and painted but it's the light in the picture.

The house is starting to take some shape and it's nice to see it without the scaffold. Obviously it will only look better as the little finishes are added.

For anyone wondering about changes after you start, I took a look at my electrical plan yesterday and noticed now that my house is starting to take shape I may look at the positioning of my front lights for example. Ben said just let him and know and I can talk to the electrician when he's on site or other tradies if minor changes are needed. I can work out with them how to sort it out. Obviously major change need to go through the office. But it's handy to know that tiny problems can be resolved pretty easily.


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