Sunday, September 18, 2011

Signing everything this week.

Well the bank stuff is sorted. Basically now everything is approved and we're good to go. Westpac came through at the end of the day after I basically said they were about to lose me and my wife as a customer and all our bank accounts.

Tomorrow night we head in to the bank to sign our paperwork, Tuesday we go into Kurmond to pay our first big payment (second) and sign our contracts. (After I get them to fix a few things)

We should be building by Christmas some time which is good. People who bought in Jordan Springs have 26 weeks from settlement to start building otherwise they maybe required to pay Stamp Duty they signed the stat declaration for. Ours ends Dec 16th so we're leaving it a bit late because of all our hurdles, don't worry though, if the builder knows they can arrange a letter to have the time extended but you need to let your builder know upfront.

We've done our tiles and we need to go back and do more (electrical etc), but it doesn't matter now as the plans will be off as of Tuesday so I'm happy.

On another note I've contacted open networks about what we need to do to connect he FTTH connection. Their website makes no sense to me.