Thursday, May 31, 2012

Roofy and Acid

No it's not drugs, but it makes me feel good none the less. Yes the roof on the main part of the house is now on and today I got an email from Ben saying the brick cleaners are on site cleaning the top story. Great progress this week.

I think they do the top first and complete the lower level later once everything is done to ensure they keep everything clean. Having moved over to South Penrith I haven't had the chance to get over every day but I look forward to seeing the house on Saturday or tomorrow afternoon.

Again can't fault Kurmond homes, Ben my supervisor has been popping me photo's each week with pictures of update. He sent this one today, you can see the top is all cleaned. It looks like my eaves might be done too but I was thinking they were doing that next week, I'll take a look tomorrow and see. The house is looking great to me and moving in can't come soon enough.

Here's the photo Ben sent me.


  1. YAY you guys are flying at the moment and have definitely caught up with us... they just started working on our home again however they didn't touch it for at least 4 weeks... which was very disappointing! Good on ya, hope they will keep going at this pace! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. That's a shame guys I noticed your's slowed down a little but couldn't tell if anything was happening inside. Mine was a fair bit behind so I think they've been trying to catch up for me because I copped all the rain.

    I got a nice surprise tonight also. Headed around to find all the eaves on and already painted. They also painted the top half of the front of the house. Was hard to tell how it looked as it was late. Keen to take a look on a good day hopefully. I just hope the lighter paint on the right looks good.