Saturday, February 25, 2012

Family Fun Day this Sunday

Just a note to let you all know that there is a family fun day this Sunday in Water Gum park. A free BBQ for everyone. Starts at 11am.

I sadly won't be there, I'll be up coaching rep basketball in Manly. Have a good time for those who can attend.

I'll have some updates later today now that our first floor is going up.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Got Wood

We sure do. Our first level frames were delivered today so we're pretty happy about that. We're also pretty stoked as we have about 3-4 days of clear weather forecast so hopefully this helps get things done. We had our electrical connected last week along with water and fibre to the home.

With the frames they deliver the first floor and when it's finished they then deliver the second floor and the truck puts it straight up on top of the second storey. We noticed today that Deon's top level frames had been delivered so there a week or two ahead of us at the moment.

We had a call late last week to in regards to our Alfresco, was a bit odd but we talked i through. Basically the Alfresco is pretty long and needs to support the roof on the west facing side. They had planned to use a timber beam but we would have ended up with a join under the ceiling which sticks out. Kurmond rang me to check if they could use a steel beam there to clean it up. I approved it as I didn't want it to look ugly.

As far as everything's going we're starting to get on track now. We got our first invoice from Kurmond last week and the process to approve it via Westpac was too easy, basically give them a ring and it's all done (When we originally got the forms we just had to fill out a form to be able to do it that way). Westpac will only need to check it when the frame is up, I've been told give them 3 days notice to come out. All the other stages only require an inspection by me.

Now that's approved the money starts getting tougher. I'm lucky as I plan to have my sister move in and rent the house out so she's looking to come early. We're starting to organise the house now so she can do that. Basically we plan to have her in within the month. She's working casually still at the moment but everyday. Hopefully she'll get a full time role soon so she can stay here otherwise I'll have to rent it out, which I don't want to do at the moment because the house needs some repairs in which I don't have the money to fix.

As soon as the frame starts to go up I'll post some more pictures. Have a sunny week. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Slab Done

I've had a crazy week but yes I finally have a slab. Penrith is having a very wet start to the year and the rain just wouldn't go away. At the moment I'm marking all the rain days on a calendar and this month we may have had 3 days in otal with no rain what so ever. On Saturday last week the concreters were on site and they basically swept the water off my land with brooms. They then let it dry on Sunday.

On Monday morning before the rain hit they then came and laid black plastic, the foam and rio, ready to poor as the ground was nice and dry now. With the black plastic down it didn't matter if it rained now.

I drove past on Wednesday and the slab was all done. Very happy to see it done. Now the rain won't really effect the rest, we should start to see it all go up from here and frames were actually due to be delivered on Monday (held off obviously) so I'm expecting frames to start sometime next week.

The other bit of news I got was Kerry my customer service lady at Kurmond Homes left this Friday. I haven't heard who will be looking after me customer service wise. I don't like it when people change, you build a relationship with someone and have to start over. I also got a adverse weather variation for the delay from the rain.They only put 3 days down, not bad considering it rained a lot more.

It's good to see some of my friends slabs started to. I noticed on Friday Deon and Ursulas frames were delivered so they must be pretty happy.

Here's some photo's of our big slab.

They covered the garage, probably because it steps down.

Our AC slab.

This is our Alfresco, can't wait to drink my morning coffee out here.

Again Alfresco, looking into Kitchen and Rumpus. This is where our cornerless door is going.