Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jordan Springs - Units and Shops like Rouse Hill

Like I once mentioned I keep an eye on developments at Jordan Springs out of interest. This latest DA I found shows what's expected to be near the current sales information centre. Mind you this is the first time I've seen this and I was gob smacked when I found it, I didn't think we were going to see anything like this at Jordan Springs. To be honest I think it's great and shows really how special this suburb is going to be.

P.S. Good to see Jordan Springs is selling out, the value of the property is screaming up and the new land release today saw 10 property's sold by lunchtime. Anyone keen in living in here and getting it much cheaper may want to hurry up and start saving. Tell them I referred you and we both get $1000 too. :)

The DA application title says it all.

"Staged construction and strata subdivision of a multi-storey mixed-use building containing 6 commercial/retail suites, 7 soho (live/work) apartments & 94 residential apartments with basement parking and associated landscaping"

The building is very impressive and looks to be about 5 storeys High, so it will be seen easily by all the residents. Here's some pics from the documents to show you what it looks like.

Here's a link to view all the details yourself.

Write in the comments below what you think. I think they'll need to widen that Northern rd for sure and then Dunheved rd.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Gyprock done, cornices to come.

Lot's of photo's today, the gyprock is in and I'm stoked, the cornices were also delivered today so they'll probably have them installed next week. The staircase guys should be in next week and then at least Peta will be able to take a look upstairs as carrying a baby and climbing ladders isn't a good mix.

This is the walk in Pantry.

From the Alfresco looking in.

Upstairs lounge room looking into balcony.

Left is the walk ins, right is my ensuite.

Computer nook thingo there.

Bathroom Niche.

Upstairs Hallway

Toilet straight ahead, bathroom to the left and huge cupboard to the right.

Garage roof is on, looks sweet.

Garage is coming along nice. Need to put a little door in here for under the stairs.

View from the porch, notice the two bulk heads.
I love this door!!


Lounge room.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Insulation In, Gyprock delivered

As Ben from Kurmond Homes would say....Happy Days.

I walked through the house yesterday to make some fine adjustments with Ben and make sure everything was ok. We made some on the spot fixes and walked away pretty happy. He advised me he was currently about 3 days in front of schedule and that today I would have the insulation in and the gyprock delivered. It was good doing the walk through as he was able to explain some of the nice little touches he made to finishes to make sure the house comes us as good as it has. Things like measuring out the cladding spaces so that the cornice was the same gap.

So again today he's shot me through some photo's and as stated he and the team haven't failed to deliver. Top stuff. Heck if we can get the AC started I'll move in

House is due sometime early August as the rain days during the build lifecycle have pushed it out a week or so. At the end of the day I'm not fussed as long as we're in before Peta has the new baby and everything is indicating that won't be a problem.

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Land Open, Gyprock on the Way

Small update for the regulars, the new land is opened up now in Jordan Springs so if you get a chance to take a look go do it. It looks so nice and it won't be long now before that area starts to see it's first construction taking place. I've put a few shots up but I'm really looking forward to going for nice walks real soon. You'll see me walking around the new bit soon for sure.

As far as the house updates go, we had more wiring done this week and some small bits and pieces (like hot water guard) done. I also just got my next invoice so we're heading into the home stretch.

Next week the gyprock should be going on and it will be nice to walk through it with some walls to really start appreciating it. I got some pics of upstairs as well which are worth sharing and some views from the second story, so happy to have such great views.

Here's some photo's of the new section first.

Some new pics of the house.
Upstairs balcony.

Upstairs Balcony

My ensuite...can't wait. Left is the walk ins.

PC Nook in my bedroom.

View from one of the bathrooms.

The rear cornerless door has finally been fully installed with out the piece holding it up. Looks awesome.