Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting there.....Fences to think about.

Slightly slower week this week. Can't complain though the house has been buzzing along for weeks so having a bit of a slower week feels a bit odd. Saying that the tilers have been on site this week grouting the bathrooms and finishing them off, I guess there's some drying time that's needed so shouldn't be to concerned.

I had a fencing guy out today and fences can defiantly be frustrating. One suggestion, make sure you talk to your neighbours about what's going on. One of my neighbours has just gone ahead and put their fence up and renters have moved in already. After closer inspection I now need to dig my land down a bit and they have sloped the fence up at the back. I'll now have to stick some timber under there fence to stop my dog from getting through. It would have been much better to step the fence up. I plan to ring my neighbours in the next week to start organising things.

My back neighbour needs to build a retaining wall but his house is still being bricked so that's going to be awkward, I need a fence to move in as I have a dog and can't wait so hell have to get a move on it.

Heres some photos of the backyard, I've got a lot of levelling to sort out and hopefully kurmond can help me out. Hopefully when they're doing a site clean I can ask the bobcat driver to stick around and dig me a few things out. I've also included a few new shots of the bathrooms.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Garage Door's and Tiling

Got some photo's yesterday from Ben (I couldn't take any last night as it's always to dark) with pictures of the Garage Door and some of the areas with the base on for the tiling. This was done yesterday so hoping they managed to actually tile some of the areas.

Happy Days!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fit Out Stage

Just a quick update, good news, the fitout has started and we got some doors now. Today the kitchen should be going in. It's really starting to look like a home now. Ca n't wait to see the kitchen. Garage door and tiles are expected to go on next week.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Stairs are In, Down pipes, Skirtings have arrived, Waterproofing Downstairs and Doors Delivered

Busy few days it seems. My down pipes from the second story have been ran all the way down the wall now, my stairs are in and have been covered with card board to protect them and down stairs has had the laundry and downstairs bathroom all waterproofed. We've also noticed the skirtings have been delivered to, I'm not sure how they do those, I assume the tiles are put on first (Perhaps these are for upstairs).Not a bad week at all.
Our stair case, covered in card board.

I forgot we had so many doors.

This si the front door, will be stained.

Skirtings galore.

Top of the stairs, again waiting to be stained.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kitchen Updates

Got an email from Lisa at Kurmond Homes today, the Kitchen guys (INZ Kitchens) have been on site this week and taken new measurements for the Kitchen. Obviously this happens because the size of the rooms are slighlty off and when the house is built things might not just line up right.

Lisa sent me revised plans so that the kitchen team can get started straight away.

I took a look and while some areas were slightly smaller, some areas were slightly larger and to be honest it looked pretty good to me. Peta is looking forward to the kitchen as she'll have a lot more space for her tonnes of Tupperware now. I'm looking forward to buying a new fridge with one of those water dispensers and enjoying the cooking with gas option. Oh and the pretty glass splashback we've ordered.  hope it looks good when it's finished, me and Peta are worried about our colour choices inside so we're crossing everything.

Here's a plan of the kitchen for those interested. We also have a door going in under the stairs in the walk in pantry as well.

We're on the home stretch now, kitchen and bathrooms on the way and then flooring will be done afterwards.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We have Stairs Going In

Love it when things are going this well. I'm so looking to the day I move in. No offence to mum and the family but we defiantly prefer our own space and having a pregnant wife and a little boy , me and the dog sleeping in one room is becoming taxing (and the same bed). All that pain is relieved when I get good news about the house. so it's relaxing when Ben sends me an email updates.

Ben sent over these pics tonight at 9:30 (he must work pretty late), General Staircase are on site putting the stairs together and they look good. They'll put them in raw and then I've got Kurmond staining them later when they're ready to go.

Some info on the stairs, we paid to upgrade them so in case anyone is wondering.

Victorian Ash Treads
Victorian Ash Hand Rail and Wall Rail
Pine Risers
PT29 Post Tops
HR39 Handrails.
Staining through Kurmond

Now this isn't top of the line but we think it will look nice in the end and we didn't want to go nuts on the stairs, but we defiantly didn't want timber stairs with carpet so was worth it (which is the std). The variation cost us about $2k without the staining but top of the line stairs can cost $20k. Looking forward to posting more pics when they're done.