Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Waiting on Westpac Still

Still no word from Westpac yet, loan went to them yesterday and the only news we heard from them today was we accidently signed one part which we weren't meant to. (The part was for business type loans). I crossed it out, initialled the mistake and resent them the application. We should then hear from them tomorrow.

If all ok, this should give us conditional approval. Then we have to wait for the land valuation. With Bankwest this took 3 days, but seeing Westpac Penrith are the preferred lending partner for Jordan Springs we should get this sorted immediately if my assumption is right. Then it's off to their own mortgage insurers.

Best case we know tomorrow, next best case by Friday, worst case mid to end next week. Cross fingers.

An update to the home designs, we found another today that fits within our budget and is what we are after, a Wisdom home, the Manhattan 36. Floor diagram below.

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