Friday, November 26, 2010

Ok Calm Down - Option 2 might just work.

So I got in contact with Jordan Springs and told her it wasn't looking good. She said that she hasn't seen anything like this and that she could pass on a local Westpac lending managers number. I wrote back and said yeh why not, the least we could do was talk to her.

The reason we didn't initially go with Westpac was we were told that you could only borrow 80%, which we would only to be able to do on the land but not home. Talking to the lady today, this isn't right Westpac go as high as 97% and she said they use their own evaluators and mortgage insurers and haven't had one issue. They said they advertise 80% for new customers with no Westpac history, but will go higher for existing Westpac customers. How the hell are we suppose to know that!!

I forwarded the details and put my broker in touch and it looks like we're back on again. She's putting a new loan through Westpac and we should have a better shot at it this time. The funny thing is that we're with Westpac now and we have a lot of savings with them, great credit and repayment history and all that.

Nancy at Jordan Springs was on the emails and she said she will hold the land for another week. (3 Weeks is a long time to hold a lot so we appreciate it.)

Cross fingers, if this doesn't work i'll.......grr who knows.

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