Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stuff It - Time to buy, hopefully without consequences.

Well Delfin wouldn't move on the price and we've decided to take an educated risk, hopefully one that doesn't backfire. Reading through the latest property investor magazine and the forums at homeone, it seems that under evaluations are common when borrowing more against the value of the land. If we chose to pay 20%, then the bank would probably let it through no questions asked as the cash is already in their hands. Basically what we are doing now is using the money to fund to 20%.

Your guess is as good as mine as to if it's the right decision but we've decided to jump at it and hope we have made the right decision, we can't keep playing the waiting and ever moving goal post game. What does this mean now though.....

  • Our monthly saving needs to increase by about $500 I've worked out, otherwise there's no way we can build a house on the block. Only until about April next year.
  • We will rely heavily on the $22,600 HAF refund to get us over the line with the house.
  • We can start locking in builders and designs now with a better understanding of our budget.
  • X'mas is going to suck for presents. Perhaps secret Santa and a limit will be the way to go with everyone.
  • We need to work on our budget more and do some things like reduce our electrical bill.
Fun times ahead. All we're waiting on now is the mortgage insurers to come back to us with a green light and we'll be signing the contract. 

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