Saturday, November 27, 2010

What we would like in our next home.

Thought I'd share what we need in a house, and what we would like, showing you we're puting a lot of thought into the home design. This is just a few things that we hope to get.

  • 4 Bedrooms is a must for valuation purpose and future renting out.
  • Separate living room (media style) away from the living and dining areas. A place where I can escape to play my Xbox without having to turn it off, turn it down etc. This allows us to have a second TV for all of Jordan's favourite shows and general TV watching in the general living area.
  • Really want a separate study. Anyone who has seen my computer room will know I need the room to setup everything and sort it out. One that can act as a scrapboooking room for Peta also.
  • We would like an Alfesco area, we want to bring the outside in and have the backyard and BBQ close to the kitchen so that we can actually use it. Also allows Jordan to play out the back and we can watch him closely. (another words, kitchen at the rear also.)
  • Double garage minimum, one that fits a 4WD, in case we buy one in the future. Possibly a bit wider.
  • Plenty of kitchen cupboard space. This allows for all of Peta's tuppawear to sit somewhere.
  • Walk in Pantry or butler room. We want to have bench tops with powerpoints so we can leave mixers and things out plugged in ready to go so we actually use them. Hidden away though. Sink in there would be good also.
  • Air Conditioning a must.
  • Gas appliances, for cooking, the BBQ etc.
So far we're liking the Monte Carlo 33 by Fowler homes. If you see any similar to this design let us know. Here's a link to see it. (We would choose a different facade for sure)

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