Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some Home Designs

Went and saw this home yesterday - the Phoenix 38. Fell in love with it straight away. The sad thing is though is Metricon homes are very expensive. We can get an Eden Brae home for almost 100k less and the same squares with heaps of inclusions. This one would be up in the 350-400k mark. Absolutely loved the design though and floor plan.

Anyone want to give us 50K.

Considering that we're realising that Eden Brae are much more affordable we're probably leaning towards the Cremorne 37 now with some modifications. We had another look in the Fowler Monte Carlo 33 yesterday and it lacks cupboard space. The front design of the house (media and home office) was excellent but the rear got ugly. With Eden Brae the back is much better, has more living space but the front needs some work.

We'll probably close of the living room part to make it a media room and close of the study as well with some sliding doors. Another option for us is to also swap the office and lounge around. This one including driveway, AC, and all that fun stuff is about 310K complete, no more to pay.

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