Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Conditionally Approved - Take 2

Good news, Westpac have approved the loan conditionally today. The land valuation has been ordered again, but this time with Westpac. Crossing fingers all goes well this time. They use their own evaluators which is also a good thing.

The good thing about this is that Westpac have been lending in the area already at 97% and valuing the land with no issues for other borrowers, they have local valuators who have been valuing the land out there for a number of people and none of them have had issues. The other good thing is that unlike Bankwest, these guys have also already conditionally approved the construction loan. We didn't even get that far with Bankwest.

After this it will then go to the insureres, and again Westpac use their own, and again they have done this for other borrowers in the Jordan Springs area.

Oh Westpac, please make our Christmas dreams come true.

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