Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still no Contract of Sale

More delays, there seems to be some confusion with the sales office today about the contract of sale for the land. I need it to go to our Broker for the loan to be approved, and I also need the it with the solicitor to review before signing.

I got an email today from Jordan Springs asking that I come in on Sunday to pay the 5% deposit, after I sign it they will forward a copy to my solicitor. First of all, it was suppose to be Monday. Secondally I won't be signing anything unless my solicitor/conveyancer tells me to. I can't understand why they think people would do this and why they get upset about us wanting it to go to our solicitor. Trust me, we want the land and we want to live at Jordan Springs. We also want to protect ourselves, wouldn't anyone?

Solicitor emails me at 5 this afternoon - still no contract of sale, but the broker has been given the front page for the laon. Grrr...... they better sort this out. I can't see myself signing until mid to late next week now. I need money and solicitor approval first.

As a tip for anyone, don't sign anything until you have it checked.

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