Monday, November 22, 2010

House Decisions while we wait.

So Sunday we decided to go out and see what we could get to go on our block while we wait for the bank to sort things out. Ideally we want a 2 Storey home for a few reasons.

  • Fits to the new standard block sizes better, takes up less room.
  • Gives us more backyard space for Jordan to have a cubby or swing set.
  • Council regulations say you must leave 20% of the block left vacant for yard etc. (So 90sqm in our case)
  • Greater investment choice. 2 storey family homes see greater increases in growth. 
  • We want our living areas free to live in and our bedrooms out of sight.
What we came back from saw us like 3 builders. In order of preference at this stage it would be 
  1. Metricon Homes
  2. Fowler Homes
  3. Eden Brae Homes
Before leaving my wife was 100% certain she wanted an Eden Brae (The Entertainer 35), she changed her mind pretty quickly once she saw the Metricon and Fowler homes. These jumped the cue, they had slightly better and more functional designs, better standard inclusions, and their finished were better in their display homes.

The designs we're interested in are the following, including their current base price.
Peta really likes the Liberty 40 but it might be out of our price range seeing Metricon don't include site and Basix costs. Fowler don't either but their prices compensate a little. Eden Brea won't be an issue but the design has some serious issues with it.

More thoughts to come - and some ideas on how to fund the bigger home.

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  1. If it gets confusing with too many options, then wait on your decision and reflect a little more on the input you have received. Not only will you be wiser, but you will also have less strife on the team that way.

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