Friday, August 31, 2012

Lights, Camera and Lots of Action

Electricity has been all connected this week. I popped over late yesterday and the sun goes down early so it was a good opportunity to take a few photo's with the lights on. Gotta admit, very impressed with the tilers. I need to look over it in fine detail but it looks like they finished up and they did a nice job. The electricity work by Rod West electrical through Kurmond Homes has been excellent, the placement of everything I have to say is bloody fantastic, and Kurmond Homes team take the initiative to improve on things when they're on the job. By splitting things on to different switches etc if they feel it would improve the house design. I noticed changes and they were bloody good decisions.

As for people wondering where I'm at with things. If I was to list the things outstanding this is what I can think of.

  • Carpet (Done last)
  • Kitchen Splashbacks
  • Front paneling on and painted above front archway.
  • Pantry gyprock repairs and some minor painting
  • Stairs need staining and painting.
  • Door Handles for all doors need to go on.
  • Balcony Rail to go on.
  • Garage Door Motor needs installing.
  • Some flyscreens need to go on.
  • AC Installation powered up and installed.
  • Alarm Powered Up and installed.
  • Rainwater Tank plumping
  • Some minor paint fixes.
  • Some minor door frame issues on 2 of the cupboards (Notches were done originally on the wrong side so there's a cut in the wood where they put the hinges on.)
  • One of the bathroom doors needs replacing, it looks like someone has dropped the door and it's cracked.
  • One powerpoint to be put in under the Hills Hub (Don't forget this needs a powerpoint under it like I did.)
  • Appliances Installed
  • Lots of cleaning, inside and out. :0)

So as you can see,  there's a few fiddley things but overall it's not a huge list, but still a fair few things to knock over.

The concern now is the baby is due on the 10th, and I don't think there's any possibility of being in this house by then. I could be proven wrong but we'll wait and see. I'm guessing it would be a week or two after. My wife has been having some Braxton Hicks pains recently so I'm thinking we may also have the baby earlier. Tomorrow I'm off to get all the new baby stuff from Baby Kingdom out and we've arranged someone to store it for us. Talk about managing a nightmare. If we don't have the house in time we're changing houses, we'll be moving into a quieter house and leaving all our stuff at the current place until the new home is ready. With 7 people we defiantly wont be taking the baby back to that house. 

Anyway take a look at some of the photo's I took. Looks good doesn't it.

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  1. Wow looking close now! I am really happy so far,gone from an empty block to 38 sq double story home with bricks cleaned and roof in eight weeks!! All the trades have been great although the front facade looks a little odd but the supervisor is on to this.Rob at manago is great and I have been dealing with Rod too and he comes up with some good ideas.Kurmond were verrrry slow to get the ball rolling initially but they have been great once construction has started.Painters were there today on a Saturday doing the eaves so that probably means scaffolding down soon amazed really as site scrape was June 29th,hoping to start a blog but a bit computer illiterate:))