Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Park and Living Streets for Illoura (Stage 2) - Jordan Springs

Funny enough I haven't been able to find any info or documents on the hilltop park in the Northbridge village but I've managed to dig up some stuff for Stage 2, Illoura which is now under construction by JK Williams if anyone's seen all the works going on. (I've included a shot of the lake under construction to)

So for those who've waited and will be waiting for a bit longer yet for our property in Illoura then it may pay off for some. You have a great new park going in which includes BBQ facilities (I hope they plan to upgrade all the parks with the same feature) and a snazzy slippery slide for the little ones.

On top of that you may find yourself purchasing in 1 of 3 Living streets which does sound nice but may have a few drawbacks. The living street concept is basically for streets less then 250m long, has less then 300 cars per day passing through it and is developed for interaction with the community. It contains some park like features, trees down the centre of the road and benches. Wider paths for bike riding and jogging and protection for the public not in cars. Thats the only draw back I see is the street will probably look lovely but with bollards and certain types of fencing going up basically in your front yard you might have to be careful opening doors, pulling into driveways etc. What do you think. Doesn't look to bad.

I know me and my little boys will be at the park for sure.

This is the new park in Illoura

How cool does that kids playground look.
One of the living streets.

Here's a map of the park and one of the proposed living streets. 3 in total in Illoura.

One of the living streets.

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  1. Wow I didn't know a 2nd park was coming my girls will be so excited we are building in Northridge and hoping to be in my next month :)