Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back Door is on!

Things are moving along, I've been slow blogging lately due to the mass amount of work going on at work. Managed to have a great go live for one of the largest projects of my career so it's been a good week, I must admit though I'm wrecked and I haven't been to the local Basketball stadium for about 4 weeks, I miss the place but should get back there this Friday for my first visit in weeks. No exercise lately either so going to struggle a little for the end of the season. I'm seriously thinking about having a long break from the place next season though, too many things going on and I'm feeling burnt out, a break may just be the thing I need. Plus I'm over playing late.

With the wife due any day now I'm starting to get a bit nervous. As it stands there's 3 of us in one bed (+the dog) in a small room filled with our entire house basically and thee's nowhere for a cot and half our baby stuff is packed in boxes. While everything has been moving at lightning speeds, that MEGA El-nino wet period we had put a damper on things at the start. Now the time is ticking. House is technically due in about two weeks time but I think they're about a week behind, then it may take 2 weeks to get the occupancy certificate. No real drama but timing with the baby puts the pressure on.

Peta can go no longer then the 14th of September so you could understand my rush, heck she could go anytime from now but things get real serious in about two weeks, then it's a matter of time, she's off in 9 days too. I've recently started looking at doing some of the outside things myself at our new place, just to get the house faster so we can at least move in. Sad isn't it. Any other time I would have probably been all strict and made sure everything was perfect before moving in, now I think I'll bend and just do anything to get in. Saying that I can't fault the builder yet so I doubt much will be wrong, but I'm sure there might be a few small things to sort out. I'm lookking into doing the landscaping done myself and I know a few concreters so getting my new stampcrete driveway won't be a problem at all.

Ben at Kurmond Homes sent me a few pics today and it's looking great, the back door is finally on and we love it, check out the awesome pictures below. We had some of our final doors go in today as well so we're racing towards the finish line. Our vanity's and Kitchen went in last week and is looking great, were waiting on the tops but we expect they're a week away. Toilets and baths are due this week, painters are coming back this Thursday to paint and next week we get the main floor tiled. Oh we also got the garage painted this week, looking ace, can't wait for them to do the other side.

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  1. It's like the Olympics! Who will arrive at the finish line first, baby or house..? Good luck with it all! I know it's overwhelming now, but once you're in and you have added to your family it will be great I'm sure :)