Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Effort

These guys don't stop, I can't say how happy I am with Kurmond homes. There's people at our house 7 days a week lately and again today. Today the external painting was finished and what a massive difference it made to the house. There's still some timber to go above the doorway and be painted but looking at these pics you can tell I'm pretty happy with everything. The upstairs Eve's and cladding were also painted.



  1. Not too far off Luke. I wish Kurmond had a consistent approach to customer service and building speeds

    1. How's your build going Woody? So far I haven't had any real issues to complain about at all. There customer service team are ok depending on who you need to talk to, we had some frustration at one point because my email was going to the 'junk mail' box supposedly but I had that sorted and have never had an issue since. That issue lasted about a week and was the only frustrating time through the build and really that's not much at all. I tend not to really talk to the customer service anyway, I spend all my time talking to the site supervisor if I have questions, at the end of the day he's the guy making it all happen right now.

      I've read some crazy reviews about Kurmond and for me I wonder if it's just companies trying to give them a bad name. I seriously haven't had any issues and all the Kurmond homes in Jordan Springs are going up And getting completed at about the same rate. Yes some are slightly slower then me but only a little bit behind and I think we have different site supervisors and I've been pushing hard about the fact I have a newborn due September 10th.

      The funny thing is, I've heard a lot more problems through friends about other builders rather then reading online product review websites and I'm having none of the problems they had what so ever. If all goes well ill be writing a positive review on some of these websites for sure.