Friday, August 10, 2012

Gates gone, and we can now do a Poo

It's so nice to see the house without the metal wire fence around it. It gives you an idea of what the final look of the house is going to be like. Yesterday I got an email from Ben the building supervisor with a few new pictures and the house is really looking good now. The toilets have finally gone in, they've done all the gyprocking now and skirtings, the doors are all fitted now so happy days ahead.

Ben advised our glass splash back gets measured on Monday and our bench tops are going in today so should have some nice photos today or tomorrow and can't wait to see the splash back in next week. As for the main floor tiles, Manago are back out next week to finish that all of. Ben said in his email were now probably a week or so away on the first final inspection so I'm going to have to get organised over the next few days with the fence and driveway.

If anyone knows a good and cheap driveway person who does stamped concrete please let me know.

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