Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jordan Springs Plant Notice

So if you didnt know.....Jordan Springs offers buyers a $2000 landscaping package. $750 goes to ecodesign to design you something and the rest is for flower power to provide you with all your plants. Ecodesign do such a good job for those people who are really serious about doing something nice. They'll factor in the requirements from Lend Lease but also consider your house style and colours.

This is a great option for us home owners who want to spruce up the front yard and move in with something at least in the front.

A small word of warning though, if you thought your builder was providing you with a landscaping package then think again. The builders at Jordan Springs will build your garden beds but will expect you to install your plants yourself unless you have arranged it with them to have it done.

Some people may not know this so make sure you ask for them to put them in and if there's a fee.

After originally just using Kurmond to provide me a simple plan I've since upgraded our plan and my attention will be on completing the front. While our plan shows the backyard as well we can easily take our time with this. The front though we need to get done and done properly, if everything complies well get our bond back from Lend Lease for having met all the criteria with paths, certain trees etc.

Here's a shot of the front yard plans.


  1. Hi Hep,

    Looks like everything is going really well for you guys.

    We should have our slab next week now so fingers crossed for continued sunny days!!

    Love your garden design - also keep in mind, if you ever need additional plants/trees just let us know - we own a wholesale nuresry out at Glenorie so may give you a chance later to really save on your garden.

    Good luck with it all.