Sunday, August 26, 2012

Taps and Showers

Got some pictures sent over from my building supervisor Ben. It looks like I now have all my taps and shower heads in, also with that my shower screens. I really like the taps and especially the way Kurmond Homes put the tap for the baths on the wall away from the tap. My wife is a big fan of the shower head also, they look pretty snazzy.

I also had my fan changed over in the alfresco to a silver one. A white one went up and Rod the electrician came back out the same day I noticed it and fixed it up.

This week has been a long week. We were expecting to do a first walk through but the tiles job is a big job it seems. The tilers were there Saturday last week, all this week and this Saturday as well. With the porcelain tiles having to have a smaller gap between them and covering most of the bottom floor you could understand why. I think they may have finished yesterday, will probably go and have a look later today.


  1. Almost there! But knowing babys I think your baby will win the race..

    1. I think the baby is going to win also!

  2. hows the house and baby race going? things really slowed down for us this week with just mirror robes and cleaning done.