Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blue Dots

So things are coming to an end, some of the small ticket items are still left to do but it's basically on the home stretch. For anyone building this is probably the painful part, the house looks very habitable and you look at it thinking oh if only. I could be in now....but I can't.

So last week we had Ben come around and place blue dots everywhere. Hundreds of them. Basically these are put on everything that he needs to sort out. It was good to see so many things and as funny as it sounds, there were some things I probably wouldn't have even bothered with. That tells me I'm going to get a pretty high quality home.

Since then guys have been back on various days doing lots of touch ups. All our door handles are on, mirrors, cupboard latches, little things that photos can't show.

I'm so lucky, the baby hasn't come yet, if Kurmond can finish the home this week or next we maybe able to move straight in from the hospital, well see, but here's hoping.

As for other things I've chatted with all the neighbours and the back fence is getting done this week. All worked out in the end and the neighbours were great to deal with. Ive also organised my Opticomm connection in advance. It cost $330 to get hooked up so again if my timing is right I should have it for day 1.

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