Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why I chose Iinet for my Fibre Internet Plan in Jordan Springs

I have Opticomm coming out on Tuesday to install my external ONT cabinet. I'm sort of excited because I've been living on crappy mobile data for 6 months and I'm tired of having to watch what I do on the Ipad. You only get 4gb of data on it and I use to have 300gb back on ADSL2.The other reason I can't wait is I'll have lightning quick speeds, speeds I've never had and being someone who enjoys a bit of Xbox Live gaming I can't wait, more headshots coming my way and no lag or crappy connection.

So why did I chose iinet? Here's a table which somes up a lot of the first reasons. Keep in mind I wanted a VOIP phone also so I've included the costs for this when making my decision, if average internet is all your after then you may think differently. Just remember though, with faster internet speeds you are going to download more, even if it's streaming in better qaulity which may just happen automatically. Exetel for example only have a maximum plan of 200gb on their rocket 100/40 speed, they really need a Terrabyte plan. Saying that Exetel are known for very poor customer service and I've personally been with them in the past and they were terrible. They maybe better now but if anything can be taken from the Whirlpool forums it appears there still the same. Buy at your own judgement though. Ineterrnode are suppose to be good but the price tags hurt. I looked at the max price for each companies biggest plan and iinet still came in under $100 for the max speed on offer.

With iinet they also have some great corporate responsibility. They sponsor the NBL and AFL and many other things and that was a huge plus for them. Being a basketball fan, I was happy to put some money into them as they support our NBL league. Ther VOIP plan was also great.

On top of all of these plans you will need to get a specific Fibre Modem. Iinet have "Bob Lite" which looks fine and its pretty cheap. Im going to give this a try as its cheap enough to test out. What ever you do if you do decide to go with iinet in Jordan Springs then I'd suggest you don't rush into Bob2 which comes with a phone and answering machine. In Jordan Springs most of us would have the Hills Home Hub, plugging a phone and answering machine in the garage just doesn't make any sense. Get "Bob Lite" and then buy your VOIP phones separately. Bob Lite also comes with 4 x 100mb ports and wireless.

I included an empty shot of my Hills Hub, I have Cat 6 going all through the house so I plan to buy some more Cat 6 cables this weekend and also a Gigibit Switch. This means that anything behind the gigabit switch can talk to each other at 1000mb speeds/sec if the hardware in the devices allows it. Even faster then the Fibre at 100mb speeds. I'd highly reccomend if you have cat 6 do do the same, it will build your network and make it ready for when they increase the fibre speeds in the future past 100mb. (if they do) A gigabit switch can be bought from ARC or Dcomp in Penrith for $50 for a 8 port switch. You can get 5 port switches also (Make sure it handles gigabit speeds though). If you decide to just use the ports that come with your modem then that's fine, just keep in mind the max speed will only ever be 100mb between devices which can cause buffering issues when streaming, sadly no modem out yet does greater then 100mb. It also puts a lot of strain on your modem to carry our extra work and may slow your network down.

I've also got a pic of how I'm setting it up so it makes sense. I'll post more photo's once I'm done, and I'll let you know what hardware I used.

Port 1 is the data incoming, this will go into my BOB Lite modem, then an out port from the modem will go into my gigabit switch uplink, I'll then have the gigibait switch plugged into the 7 other ports.

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  1. G'day Luke,

    I ended up going with an ASUS RT-N56U.

    Was a good price from ARC in Penrith, dual band with great range and it has Gigabit WAN and LAN.