Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cleaning and Retaining Wall

Not to much happening this week but there's still tomorrow and the Weekend so plenty of time for some action. The wife has started getting consistent contractions tonight and has been timing them so I think tomorrow might be a huge day. I'm going to write to my supervisor tonight and ask him to do what ever he can to finish of what's left as quickly as he can. I know he'll understand and hopefully can help out.

As for the house the builder had the cleaners there on Wednesday cleaning all the house up. I can't get in but it appears they've cleaned all the rooms except the back of the house. They were there a solid 10 hours so I could only imagine how good it looks inside and upstairs. I haven't seen them there any other time this week but there's not much left to do.

In the mean time I've been busy trying to keep things moving and getting other things done. I've had a Landscaper at my place today leveling the yard out, cleaning it up and putting posts in for the retaining wall. He's back tomorrow to finish it off and depending on the new bub I'll be there Saturday to put the fence up.

I also went and visited my mate at Dunn & Farrugia and place an order for two side gates. They say it takes about 10 working days so I'm getting in now so that I have them hopefully next week. My wife is stressing hard about getting the keys so hopefully I can do this in between changing nappies at the new house.

Last but not least I paid my Opticomm connection and they say they'll be ringing me sometime in the next 3 days to workout a day to come out. I figure it's close enough now that I can get this started, I've been told they normally book in for about two weeks so again better to get in now. I might be jumping the gun but I want to be up and running as soon as I can. I still have to look into the best provider but I'll do that soon.


  1. Good luck with the baby :)),I'm sure I'll be in your shoes soon,Kurmond have done a fantastic job going from zero to almost lockup in 10 weeks but the last final details are the frustrating ones,I am hoping for Christmas but probably not :((

    1. Thanks Sandgrounder, so glad its going well. They have smashed some houses lately out our way too, really gone fast. If you have doors and lockup then I guess your about a month away by the sounds of it, happy times ahead. Good luck with it all.

  2. Hi Luke,

    We've just secured a piece of land in Edmondson Park off the plan and while it's a long way from settlement, your blog has provided some valuable information on Kurmond Homes which is one of the designated builders for the estate. Your house looks amazing and I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful settlement in the next few weeks. And congratulations on the arrival of the new bundle of joy! Thanks for sharing your experience with novices like me who are about to embark on a new building experience. Well done, mate :)


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