Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Move thanks to Hertz Penrith

I tell ya, I'm exhausted and feel like I was hit by a truck this week. Be prepared....if you had stuff in storage you're going to get a dust in your lungs, if your like me and suffer hectic heyfever then be prepared for a bad sinus cold. I've had one all week since Tuesday and its really knocked the wind out of my sails. I'm slowly getting better and I'm hoping if the wind dies down I'll do some walking and some jogging over the next few weeks to get back into shape after living out of a room for the last 6 months.

Anyway the move went well. We got the keys on Monday morning and I headed straight to Hertz Penrith. I hired a big truck that anyone can drive under a normal lincence and the week rates are great. The rates as of the date of this post are:

$150 for the week day ($200 bond)
$90 half a week day ( $200 bond)

Excess is $3500, but you can pay an extra $33 and make the excess $500. I didn't bother because I felt very comfortable driving it.

As long as you hire during the week your move can be simple as. The trucks come with a hydraulic lift so the lounges and fridge were no hassle at all. It took me one day to do it all  but I was stuffed after it.

Everything ended up in the garage and were now putting it all away still and spring cleaning at the same time. It's a new start so time to get rid of the stuff we don't use anymore.

As for the handover there was no surprises, the bill was exactly what it should have been, all the appliances aren't installed until after your in so be prepared to not have an oven, dishwasher, AC or hot water for the first few days, especially if you settle on a Friday, try to do your handover on a Monday, it makes it much easier and the tradies don't stop coming. As with everything there's a few teething issues but nothing to go crazy over. Were waiting on the kitchen mixer to come, in the mean time were filling up buckets of hot water to wash up...yes washing up, the dishwasher that was delivered didn't work either lol. Not Kurmonds fault....and I have another coming this tuesday so it was chased up pretty quick so gotta be happy for the quick response.

Alarms and keys all done, I'm loving thee alarm, I can turn it on zone by zone so when bed time comes I enable everything and I can walk around upstairs pretty freely and no all down stairs is alarmed. It's also connected to the roller door and I have a very snazzy remote. Oh and it talks to me, pretty cool alarm.

My next post will be all about Opticomm and who I chose for my ISP and why. Oh and a bit about my network.

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