Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We have Stairs Going In

Love it when things are going this well. I'm so looking to the day I move in. No offence to mum and the family but we defiantly prefer our own space and having a pregnant wife and a little boy , me and the dog sleeping in one room is becoming taxing (and the same bed). All that pain is relieved when I get good news about the house. so it's relaxing when Ben sends me an email updates.

Ben sent over these pics tonight at 9:30 (he must work pretty late), General Staircase are on site putting the stairs together and they look good. They'll put them in raw and then I've got Kurmond staining them later when they're ready to go.

Some info on the stairs, we paid to upgrade them so in case anyone is wondering.

Victorian Ash Treads
Victorian Ash Hand Rail and Wall Rail
Pine Risers
PT29 Post Tops
HR39 Handrails.
Staining through Kurmond

Now this isn't top of the line but we think it will look nice in the end and we didn't want to go nuts on the stairs, but we defiantly didn't want timber stairs with carpet so was worth it (which is the std). The variation cost us about $2k without the staining but top of the line stairs can cost $20k. Looking forward to posting more pics when they're done.

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