Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kitchen Updates

Got an email from Lisa at Kurmond Homes today, the Kitchen guys (INZ Kitchens) have been on site this week and taken new measurements for the Kitchen. Obviously this happens because the size of the rooms are slighlty off and when the house is built things might not just line up right.

Lisa sent me revised plans so that the kitchen team can get started straight away.

I took a look and while some areas were slightly smaller, some areas were slightly larger and to be honest it looked pretty good to me. Peta is looking forward to the kitchen as she'll have a lot more space for her tonnes of Tupperware now. I'm looking forward to buying a new fridge with one of those water dispensers and enjoying the cooking with gas option. Oh and the pretty glass splashback we've ordered.  hope it looks good when it's finished, me and Peta are worried about our colour choices inside so we're crossing everything.

Here's a plan of the kitchen for those interested. We also have a door going in under the stairs in the walk in pantry as well.

We're on the home stretch now, kitchen and bathrooms on the way and then flooring will be done afterwards.

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