Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Garage Door's and Tiling

Got some photo's yesterday from Ben (I couldn't take any last night as it's always to dark) with pictures of the Garage Door and some of the areas with the base on for the tiling. This was done yesterday so hoping they managed to actually tile some of the areas.

Happy Days!!!!


  1. What colour is your garage door? I have ordered the wood look garage door but hope mine is a bit lighter than this they had two choices when I did my colours so would love to know if this is the one I picked,very hard to judge colours from a little sample .you must be getting excited now we are only at the slab stage it's been a long hard road but things are definately looking up!

    1. I'll be honest I thought it would be a little lighter also. It's the Jarrah colour. Might be just the photo, but I haven't seen it in the day yet to know. :)

  2. Thanks I'll have to have a look at my colour selection the one I picked looked definately lighter and more wood look? I'll let you know I think I picked jarrah stain for the door but it could be red gum ! I did my colours 11 months ago so I have forgotten what I picked and what they all look like:)

  3. Good to see that your job is just motoring along . Mine Gyrock & stairs were done last week (at last).Great to see all coming together after all these months. Hope the wait wont be long now.

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  5. I picked classic cedar wood grain so will be interesting to see the difference,after a long slow start we are going great guns from nothing to frames and windows in a month!! Hope to start a blog when my daughter shows me how!

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