Friday, May 4, 2012

Bricks are getting Laid

Have to admit, it's taken some time to get started but after a quick inspection today I have to admit the quality is very good. Bricks are being laid and we're pretty stoked. And this week they have gotten stuck into it so I'm pretty happy. Communication has been good still, so no real drama's to report on. Again Kurmond have still been pretty good with me, and Ben my building supervisor is doing a good job to keep me updated with what's going on. He even sent me a bunch of pictures yesterday while he was on site.

As for us we're now at my mum's house living with her and 3 other people, a house of 7 with a pregnant Peta isn't the funnest thing in the world but we're all getting along so it's not to bad, we need to get out before baby is born though. This weekend I plan to go back to the old house to fix the pool up and hopefully do some more paint preperation, hoping to rent out our old house in a week or two.

Here's a picture of mum's garage. We can just get the lawn mower past.

Peta is very happy with the colour we've chosen and we especially love the black windows with the choccolatto bricks.

Photo Taken on Monday

Part of the front porch.

Side of the garage.


  1. Congrats..!!! Good luck with everything, hopefully your home will be finished by the time the little one arrives.
    Your home is looking amazing, it's really showing now how big she is... absolutely huge!
    Well done :)

  2. Thanks guys - yours is coming along well, they should eb plastering soon by the looks of it for you guys. Looking good to.

  3. Its great to see the bricks on the frame. Mine finished yesterday, albeit a bit late. Like you said, no fault in the brick work as I could see it.If all goes well, I may have a roof in by this weekend, but fingers crossed.