Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Opticomm Fibre to Home Update - Jordan Springs

Received this Opticomm update today, basically if your house is being built you should be contacting these guys now to arrange connection. Happy days.

$330 is a good price and I for one can't wait to be using it. See below for the update.

We have reached an exciting stage in the delivery of telephone, internet and television services for residents of Jordan Springs. The optic fibre cable has been reticulated through Water Gum Village and you will see that the Communications Hub is being installed and fitted out on the site of the future Northern Road Oval.

The network will be ready for resident connections by the end of the month. In the meantime, it is important to ensure that you’ve registered with Opticomm and logged a request to have an Optical Network Termination unit (ONT) installed at your home. The Optical Network Termination (ONT) will be installed by representatives of O’Donnell Griffin (ODG) on behalf of Opticomm.

Your next steps are:

1. Phone the OptiComm Customer Connection Information Desk (CCID) to arrange ONT installation and Free to Air TV connection on 1300 137 800 (or Email ccid@opticomm.net.au)

2. The OptiComm CCID will:
  1. Invoice you for the connection fee of $330 (GST inclusive)
  1. Arrange the time/date for installation of ONTcabinet and the power supply
  1. Give you the option of paying for the connection when you ring or when the network goes live
The connection fee of $330 (including GST) is to cover:
  • Supply and installation of the fibre lead-in cable from the street to your house.
  • Installation and commissioning of the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) including power supply unit and housing cabinet
  • Provision of free to air television service
  • Providing the capability to connect to internet, telephone and PayTV through service providers of your choice from the range identified on the OptiComm website. The network has also been designed to deliver future IPTV services when they become available.
Prior to the change in the Telecommunications Act, you would have paid Telstra $299 for the new phone line connection and then paid for an antenna installation fee in the vicinity of $500 (or more depending on signal availability). The Fibre to the Home solution at Jordan Springs is an Open Access Network and this provides you with a choice of Retail Service Providers (RSP) for your telephone, internet and pay TV. There are some very competitive prices being offered by the RSP’s, available to view on the OptiComm website.

3.Visit the OptiComm website at http://www.opticomm.net.au to select your preferred RSP. The list on the next page shows the RSP’s that operate in NSW.

Please note:
The modem and VoIP telephone service supplied by Nortec IT and funded by Lend Lease will be discontinued by 30 June 2012. The TV Antennas supplied by Mr Media and Blue Mountains Antennas will also be removed by 30 June.

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  1. We rang them today and they didn't have our address on file only 13crimson street?