Monday, May 21, 2012

Bricks 95% done, gutters delivered.

Hi everyone, just another quick update. Bricks are all but done now. On Saturday the last bits of sand and a few more stacks or bricks were delivered to finish of the small parts that are left. On top of that the gutters have arrived so things are really starting to move now. I've pretty much caught up to the other Kurmond homes around me almost so it looks like a few of us will be moving in all at the same time. The weather has been fantastic to so work is being done everyday on our house and couldn't be more happier.

I'm guessing by the end of the week all the bricks should be done (including our front porch) and some of the roofing will start to happen possibly. In the mean time I've been spending my Saturdays and some Sunday's at the old house and I'm about one weekend away from renting that out if I can get all the painting done next weekend. I have the father in law coming over to give me a hand.

I've taken some more pictures, some didn't turn out that good thanks to the crappy camera on the phone but you can get a feel for how it's looking.

Kitchen window.

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