Saturday, December 11, 2010

Zac Homes Maybe?

Well it's been a long time, my little boy was in Hospital for a week due to having Adenovirus and Viral Pneumonia. Wasn't good to see him like this and the house plans basically came to a stop.

Some good news is that yesterday was the end of our cooling off period, it's now official we own our very own lot at Jordan Springs now. We handed over the 5% deposit and now we wait.

Still thinking about what home to build. We were side tracked a bit so we'll have to get our heads back in the game. Here's a few photo's of roughly where our block is going to sit. Our block is in line with this street and will be basically where those tress are on the left on that hilly bit.

While we were on the tour we also found out about a company called Zac homes. I like the sound of what these guys do and seeing they are a Penrith based company I like the fact of supporting locals.

These guys for $950 can create a custom designed home based on what you're after in a home and also design the facade. They told me if you've seen it somewhere else you can pretty much have your home the same way. They also allow family members on site during the construction to do work on the home if you want to save some money. They're estimating about $1000 per sqm, which sounds great. I'm going to research them and see if I can view some houses that they have done, but this might be a good option for us seeing none of the designs are perfect yet.

I jumped onto and played around with a ground floor idea I'm playing with, I did 3 of them and so far the below is the best one. I'm sure the builders could spruce it up even more. What do you think? Wonder if Zac Homes can do something like the below.

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