Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Lot on Paper and Design Controls for the Lot

Thought I'd share some information on the lot that we bought and our reasoning behind the choice. The Lot is 1182 and it's on a road called "Crimson" St. We did have the option of buying 1186 at one point also but being South Facing we thought it would be better for us to stick with a North Facing block, this reduces our BASIX costs, allows the sun in the backyard and also puts us on the higher side of the street for drainage. 

The only possible annoying thing is that the block to the right of us has the option of building on a zero boundary. This means instead of a fence going the complete run, they may choose to have there garage wall as part of the fence, meaning we have a brick wall to look at down that side. This is very common these days, and every new estate we looked in are now doing this. It doesn't mean they have to but it's possible. The good thing is they can't have any windows on it, it can't be a living room, and if they build a two storey home they have to be 1m in on the second storey. We'll just have to get creative with dressing the side access up somehow if that happens.

Design controls at Jordan Springs are pretty good, I just included the basic block one, but overall they're pretty relaxed. What I do like is that the council part of he driveway has to be plain concrete for every house, this makes the area look consistent. The fence also has to be he one colour in the area also.

Pretty happy now, it's locked in. We're heading there today to walk around and take some photos. I don't think we can get to our block yet but we're allowed to walk around the roads they have done already. 

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