Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Zac Homes Meeting

So here's the gist. Zac homes can design a home and work with your budget, that's a good thing. The quality of their home is also much better then the project homes so that's another big plus. The problem though is the price is slightly dearer but the inclusions are obviously better.

1m2 = $1150 as of the 22/12/2010

Peta was keen on a 36-40 square home seeing this covered of all the room she wanted. Eden Breas Cremorne 37 would come to about $330k but we would still have to pay for fencing and things like that. But the house would have the squares she wants, but the design isn't 100% what we want. 1 Square is 9.29m2. To put it into perspective:

36 Squares = 334.44m2 = $384,606
37 Squares = 343.73m2 = $395,289
40 Squares = 371.60m2 = $427,340

We've been looking at what we can afford, looking at our plan we can probably go to $340k if there were no surprise costs. I'd like to keep 10k aside though for any hidden surprises that pop up.340k would be 295.65m2 equalling 31.82 squares.

Considering 1 square is 9.29m2 you're losing a room basically for each square you take away.

Zac homes are realistic and because of the custom design they believe if the space is used wisely the home won't feel small at all and it should be like there's no difference to what you want. They work with your budget, what you want and if rooms need to be bigger etc they take out things, inclusions and such. Take the carpet out to do later for example and add you can afford to add a square to the home.

Lots of things to think about over the next few weeks. We have scheduled another meeting Jan 20th to take the plunge. Until then we're going to try and work out how we can get what we really want. Perhaps a second job? I doubt it.

Emailed a friend today whose father in law use to own a large home company in NSW. He might have some advise for us or perhaps even know some people still in the game that could do a better deal. Worth asking anyway, can't hurt. He might be able to tell us how to get the bang for our buck.

All fun and games over the Christmas break.

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