Thursday, July 7, 2011

Waiting, so here's a Jordan Springs Penrith Update

I'm a big fan of keeping track of things and seeing how my new suburb is going to evolve. I've been watching closely the DA's at Penrith Council on the plans being submitted to council from Delfin. I must admit, it's looking like I've made a good purchase. Take a look at some of the screens below from DA applications. You'll get a feel for the future of Jordan springs and why it's going to be such a lovely place to live. Interesting that stage 2, that's the next part to be developed will be down a nice long road through the corridor of trees. Some good buys I think. I feel lucky, I'm nice and close to everything, I guess that's the benefit of buying in stage 1.


  1. Hi Luke and Peta,
    Thanks for your update on our new suburb, it's going to look great indeed!
    We can't wait to move in :)

  2. Thankyou so much for creating this blog, my partner and I have found it so helpful. we are first home buyers so we are are very much in the learning phase and after reading your experience has been helping us along. we bought a house and land package in the Illoura Village section. they have just excavated and will hopefully start the slab soon.We are very excited.
    how are you finding living in Jordan Springs so far?