Monday, July 4, 2011

Colours 2

I got some sample pots thanks to the advice from De Novo Concepts and as you can see in the photo below they look a little grey, light in the photo, surprisingly though in real life they look a lot better, I think that's been half my problem. Looking at colours on a computer screen really doesn't help. The two colours below are exactly the same as found on the below photo.In real,life they look a lot nicer. I ended up getting the Bristol ringtail Possum in a taubmans paint from Bunnings. They told me to give the builder the code, not sure what I give them as it says.

Formula: Ringtail Possum- B133
Library: Taubmans_W.LIB
Range: Bristol 2024
Base/Can: Accent / .25 Litre
B             0Y           2N                          C                             0Y           19N        0.25
I               0Y           3N          0.75        

I've played around with my photoshop file to try and match it a bit better. Does this look any better? Do you think I have the colours in the right spot? I also made the metal above the door the same as the garage wall.

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