Friday, July 1, 2011

Ok, we're coluorblind!

So we've had some issues with colours, the first time we went in we walked out with some views the colours looked to light for us but we weren't sure. We decided to research and found that to be the case, the browns we looked at looked ok but in reality when painted on we might as well said we were after a white and grey house. These colours look ok, but it's not really our tatse and w're after something warmer which compliments the nice green surroundings. My wife and I are after some nice browns. 

We have the below at this stage, what do you think? We're still umming and ahhing. The Taubmans Chocolate bay was suggested by Kurmond as I was after a Bristol Colour from the two example house below. I'm thinking I should just go get some bristol paint made up and then get them to tell me the code in Taubmans. We were orignally after Bristols ringtail Possum which is seen on the two eden brea homes below.

- Bricks - PGH Chocolatto, off white Mortar
- Roof - Ebony in tiled contour
- Window Frame – Custom Black Matt.
- Fascia – Monument 
- Downpipes and Watertank – Monument
- Garage Door: Paperbark (Looking at cost to change to wood)
- Moroka Colour 1 – Taubmans Greenstead (T112-8A)
- Moroka Colour 2 (Arch) – Taubmans Chocolate Bay (T118-7)
- Cladding – Taubmans Chocolate Bay (T118-7) hmmmm.....not sure on this.
- Eaves - not sure? 

- Porch Louvers: Silver (not painted)
- Driveway - Charcoal
- Front door - Taubmans Jarah

Here's a pic of the greenstead on another Homeone members house. Our finish will be Moroka though.

As for the Chocalate Bay this is the best I can find.

Moroka Colour 1 is for around the garage and the right side of the house (we upgraded to Moroka).
Moroka Colour 2 is for the doorway.

Should we change that? 

Here's our plan again, thoughts?

Inspiration came from these two Eden Brea Homes, obviously we want black window frames.


  1. Luke, I’ve just spent a good ½ an hour trying to find Taubmans Greenstead in my fandeck and can’t find it. Your Chocolate Bay has a lot of pink in it, I’m concerned it’s too pink against your bricks.

    Using your elevation if you contact New Home Visuals he will put all your colours onto your elevation for $45, this way you will see exactly what you are thinking of colour wise.

    I struggle with Taubmns, they have made their colours very hard to access over the net. :(

  2. Hi De Novo, we've had heaps of problems trying to find Taubmans paints, in store and online they only focus on a certain range. The greenstead is from the photo above so atleast I've seen it.

    Hmm you might be right on the chocalate bay, maybe tomorrow I head to bunnings and get them to make me up a Taubmans version of the Bristol ringtail Possum. Will they give me the Taubmans code?

    I'll defiantly get the newhomevisual stuff done, if I can sort the colours out I'll then get him to do it better for me to make sure 100%.

    Any other thoughts? I'm not sure what Taubmans colours to go with but we do like the browny colours over the greys....

  3. P.S. Sorry for taking up half an hour....