Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tips for Packing Boxes and worrying......

Well the decision has been made, we're moving out. My sister is having a tough time getting settled and we can't wait much longer so we've decided to move out and start leasing our house in the next month sometime, otherwise it's us who's going to be having a tough time as we need to save about $6000 to settle on our house. We have a few thing's we'll have to fix before we leave but oh well, in the end it's probably better.

So today we started packing, I thought I brought home 20 boxes but found out I only had 11 so we're busy packing as much into those as we can. I have some packing tips that might be handy for others.

1. Label your boxes with what's in them and what room they're going to.
2. Number your boxes and keep a spreadsheet, we'll be storing some at mums and we want to make sure none are lost. It will also help if you're looking for something in particular.
3. Fill the boxes with half heavy stuff, never fill it just with heavy stuff, throw some soft toys or sheets on top to make the boxes lighter.
4. Put the kettle and cups in one box and label it as such. Once you move 50 or so boxes you wont care about unpacking them but you'll want a cuppa!

Why are we worrying???
We'll be moving in with my mum who has 4 at their house already, with Jordan that will make it 7 + 1 dog. That's not going to be good. The other reason is Peta is pregnant and due mid September. I'm a little worried our house will go over it's expected completion time of July and we might have the baby while Peta is living at mum's. It's not the environment or the house we want to take a new born baby back to. While there's nothing wrong with mum's for now it's not great to be have a new born there with no room for a bassinet or cot.

I hope Kurmond get us in on time.

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