Friday, March 9, 2012

Rainy Rain Rain + NMI Number

I guess everyone's blog would have a title like this. February we had 3 sunny days, what does that mean for building a new house.....not much. Jordan Springs has been a little slow for everyone while Penrith cops it's wettest summer in over 10 years. Good news is this week we got 3 days of sunshine, of which one of them I had the builders on site doing some more of my frames. While it's not finished yet I thought I'd share some pictures.

Only other thing that's happened this week is I had Kurmond Homes pop me an email and request that I please contact Endeavour Energy (formerly Integral Energy) on 131 002 and request my NMI Number. Basically this sets you up with an account for your electricity so your electrician can set you up. The NMI number is your National Meter Identifier, the number that goes in your meter so the meter reader can document your usage which links to your account and address. Took me 5 seconds to do it over the phone.

Not much has been happening except lots of Basketball lately with myself coaching in the Sydney Junior pre-season over the past 3 weekends. Pretty stoked though our boys did well and ended up in the highest division after trials.

Hopefully the builders will be back out today doing a bit more, I can see some blue sky outside.
This is the rear rumpus, when the cornerless door is going.

Looking into the rumpus.

Kitchen Window

Home Theatre room at front of the house.

They did the garage wall earlier this week.


  1. Hep,

    We are building around the corner from you.

    Can you please advise if your DA approval classified your block as saline effected.

    Also did you have a requirement to put gutter guard on your house due to bush fire requirements.


    Lance & Kim

  2. Hi Lance - no we had no information given to us that our block was saline affected. No need for gutter guard either.

  3. Thanks Hep,

    Our DA approval has requested a saline test to be completed. If the soil is saline effected, we need to upgrade our slab and use exposure grade bricks. We intend to contact Penrith Council to seek clarification on this but also arrange a saline test for our block.

    We have no choice but to comply with gutter guard. It apparently has to do with reducing debris in the water tank (not bushfires)


    Lance & Kim

  4. I never heard of having to have gutter guard or soil tested who you building with lance and kim?