Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Frames Nearly Finished

Had a few delays but the last 2-3 days have swung into full gear. Kurmond Homes are about a day away from finishing the timber and the bricks arrive on Monday. In the mean time at home we've moved into the computer room after pulling everything apart and funny enough I actually prefer this room because my PC is in there and I get to watch movie's with my little boy every night.

I've uploaded some pics and put some captions to try and explain them.
House from the front - Balcony showing but some of the roof to still go on.

The size is shown here.

Front window, they're the type that flip up. This is looking into the media room.

That's my new bedroom window up stairs.

Study window.

Front window again, this time looking out.

This is the laundry shoot.

This is me standing in the kitchen looking in to the general lounge room.

Kitchen looking into Rumpus, notice the niche in the wall. Cornerless door still to go on after bricks.

Standing in the lounge room looking out the cornerless door, looking at our huge alfresco.

Looking into kitchen, that's our window and to the left is the pantry.

Looking through the alfresco up to one of the bedrooms

Front Balcony up there. Nice sliding soors.

Bathroom windows.

Rumpus window.

Just outside alfresco looking up to second story. Jordan's room is on the right.

The alfresco is huge, looking into cornerless door.

Rumpus from the back.

Down the other side, this is the drive through garage to the right, you can just see the kitchen window.

Looking upstairs, the window is another bedroom (new bubs) and to the right is the upstairs lounge room.

Jordan's Room

Alfresco from the side and Jordan's room upstairs.

I hand to stand way back to get a shot of the side. Won't be able to do this for much longer.

Another angle.

Another angle of balcony and our bedroom window.

Far away shot from the next street, pic of the back.


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