Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lake due in 6 Months - Photo's

Went for a walk around Jordan Springs today with the little one and the dog. The dog is sadly more behaved then the little one at times. :0)

The new sales and information centre is now open and you can even drive into it. Getting to my place is going to be much easier soon as they're already working on the road heading up to borrowdale and my cross street.

The sales office was packed with heaps of people in the offices and there were so many people keen to buy a block. To me the demand itself says a lot about where we're moving, people want to live here and it's obvious why.

With the sales centre now open you could get a feel for how the lake is going to turn out and I'm someone who can imagine what we're getting and I'm pretty excited now that I live in the first release. After talking to the ladies, they told me the work on the lake is expected to start in the next week or so with initial works and it's due to be completed within 6 months. About the same time we move into our new home. Lucky me.

I took some photo's for those who can't get out there.

We even have one of those water things coming out the ground.

This is the pontoon thing, lots of digging planned real soon.

Looking up from the lake.

My new home in the mornings.

Rock climbing and soccer was on today across from the office.

Looking into the new car park from the cafe.

All the offices were full.

Looking up from the lake, they have big steps for people to sit on.

Looks lovely.


  1. we went in today it's starting to look beautiful kids loved the rock climbing.

  2. Hi Luke,
    Hopefully we won't be too far behind you..!!!
    Great photo's again, thanks for the update.
    Deon & Ursula

  3. No worries - got news today they started scraping our land - woo hoo!!!