Monday, January 16, 2012


Received this email today for anyone interested on sorting out their FTTH connection. I for one can't wait to have this, and will defiantly be attending on one of the nights.


This is an important message about the delivery of telephone, internet and television services for residents of Jordan Springs.

We are happy to advise you that Lend Lease has entered into an agreement with a telecommunications provider and Jordan Springs will be a Fibre Connected Community.  Telephone, internet and TV services will be delivered via modern fibre optic technology.  Traditional copper phone lines will not be available. 

The telecommunications provider is OptiComm Pty Ltd, a company experienced in delivering optic fibre in locations such as Oran Park Town, Middleton Grange, Springfield Lakes (Qld) and Blakes Crossing (South Australia).  The benefit of this technology is that the resident will be able to choose from a range of service providers for your telephone, internet and television.

The delivery program is commencing now and we anticipate that homes will be connected to the fibre within 6 months.  We are aware that you will have many questions about this new technology and the services that you will be receiving.   There are a number of options for this:

1.       OptiComm will be hosting a regular series of Information Sessions for purchasers. Sessions are currently planned for 6.00pm for 6.30pm start on
§  Wednesday 18 January at Penrith City Library Theatrette;
§  Wednesday 1 February at Penrith City Council Theatrette; and
§  Wednesday 15 February (location to be confirmed). 
Please contact to register.
Registration is essential as refreshments will be provided.

2.       Refer to the OptiComm website at
The Helpful Info – For the Resident - Quick Start Guide provides an easy explanation for clients and sales consultants.

You will be interested in the choice of service providers that are available.  To see who they currently are click on ‘Communities’, then ‘Check my address’, then ‘NSW’ and select an address such as Middleton Grange. This will show a list of Retail Service Providers that have a current agreement with OptiComm.  They will be available to residents after the fibre network is installed.

The section Helpful Info – For the Builder contains essential information relating to cabling compliance requirements for the builder, the electrician and the cabling contractor.

It is essential that your builder ensures that the appropriate equipment and cabling are provided.  We are contacting and referring all the builders to the website. In addition, OptiComm will be conducting regular information sessions for builders, their staff, their electrical contractors and cablers.  Please contact your builder to clarify that the correct provision is being planned for your home.

We are sure that you will soon be enjoying the benefits that this new technology offers.

Judith Field
Development Manager

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