Friday, December 30, 2011

Parked the Ferrari Out Front

Well obviously no news this week except to say a big Merry Christmas to everyone. Builders are now on holidays and we're anxiously waiting for the holidays to be over so we can see some action on our lot, funny isn't it, first time I've worked over Christmas and I'm dying for the holidays to be over. My assumption is it will be pretty quiet over at Jordan Springs for another week with the place getting busy again on the 9th of January. We may see some activity next week but I doubt it, I've seen the odd painter and carpenter there though so anything is possible.

On a side note if you follow my blog you'll also know I live around the corner from Jordan Springs and I'm over at Jordan Springs almost daily. You can often find me, my wife Peta and my little boy Jordan walking around nearly every weekend looking at all the new homes and playing in the park. Keep an eye out for the Ferrari though.

Thanks to my dad, Jordan received a cool little toy for Christmas which is perfect for the bush tracks and wide footpaths over at Jordan Springs. This electric car can be controlled by Jordan or daddy can take ownership with a remote control. We've taken it over their twice since he got it to let him drive it around. Not bad huh. It also has a stereo in it in which you can even plug your ipod into it.

We parked it next to my car and in the driveway so you know to keep a look out for it. Thanks Pop and Nana Lisette.

Have a great new year everyone. Hopefully we'll have more to share soon.

Here's a few more shots f my little one in his new car.

Pulling into our new driveway.


  1. merry Xmas. out land just got excavated before Xmas we were told that on 9 Jan the slab will commence. the rain has delayed us how crazy was it. will you be going to the events in January? we seem to keep missing you guys lol. I hope you have a lovely new year.

  2. Wow, great ride Jordan has!
    We also cant wait for holidays to get over with as we are waiting for land registration so we can start our build!
    Good luck and hopefully it goes fast, I never thought I would say that as a school teacher!

  3. Merry Xmas guys.

    Hi Adrii, I'll be there, I didn't know any were on except the postponed BBQ.

    ScottChan - I here ya, I've never wanted holidays to hurry up so fast in my life, saying that I worked through them so it made it worse. Trying to save my leave for the move.

  4. Hi Luke,
    Nancy forward me some events there is rock climbing, reptile up and close and I think at the en of the month cars 2 :-).
    It should be on the website.
    I can't wait to continue building, I want to move in already lol, Daniel (my husband) I have no patience..
    Hopefully to see you and family there.

  5. Might see you guys up there at some stage, I just got the list of activities going on in the post yesterday. Some of them look pretty interesting! On another note, I just got my DA for 8 Crimson St approved last week, so hopefully not too long now! :)

  6. Great news Ian! :)

    I just got told my slabs start next week as well. Excellent!